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Hello, we are Howard and Stephan Cantor, and we have been producing maple syrup in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom since 1985. There is no activity that ties a person to the whims of nature as much as sugaring, and therin lies the attraction and the addiction.

Sap flows in maple trees when the winter first starts to thaw into spring. Cold nights and warm days are generally what is needed, but you can never predict exactly what the trees will do or when they will do it. One's very being and soul become inextricably linked with the flowing of thousands of gallons of liquid through the trees of the forest. To say it gets in your blood would be an understatement; to say it makes you an odd person to be around for six weeks of the year is an undeniable truth.

While most Vermont sugarmakers sell their product wholesale or by mail order, we have been making the 350 mile (one way) trip to New York City and the Green Market urban famer's market, weekly, for 17 years. We believe in the real market place, where people from all walks of life, country and city, rich and poor, come together to not only buy food, but really to celebrate food and get to know the people who produce what they eat. What better place than New York? And what greater contrast from our lives here in northern Vermont?

We live and work in the town of West Glover, Vermont, 25 miles south of the Canadian border. We have three sons, Cavan, Noah & Max and one alomst-son, Sam. Our farm, Deep Mountain, is a mighty stand of magnificent maples dotted with an occasional grove of spruce and fir laying on the hillsides overlooking serene Parker Pond. It is the home of our agricultural operation. It is also the home base for our music and performance, as part of the band, "Irresistable Predator," and the theater company, "Deep Mountain Group," and our work with Monte Verde Cultural Exchange, an organization which we helped to found, and seeks to promote direct human contact and exchange in the arts between people in the U.S., particularly Vermont, and Latin America.

Now we are venturing out into the internet marketplace. We want to share with you what we do. We want you to know a little more than you did before about maple syrup, and we want you to taste the incomparable flavor of the real thing.

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